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Since 1860 the Formula of Freshness!

Dermo protective!

The family friend, suitable for all skin types and all ages. Irritation-proof!


Prep For Ladies

Multi-functional for women as well!!

Perfect shaving

You’ll never want to stop shaving

PREP sun creams

The right protection for all the family…since 1860!

Pink is Good

When you buy Prep for Ladies, you support Pink is Good. And Pink is Good supports your health.


PREP dermo-protective cream, a timeless star. From shaving irritation to insect bites, Prep launches a complete range of products for all skin needs.

  • 12_deodorante_FORMEN_noGas_3D_SM

    Deo ForMen NoGas

  • 12_deodorante_3D_blu_SM

    Deo Sensitive Skin

  • 12_deodorante_3D_forMEN_A_SM

    Deo Fresh & Dry

  • 3d_prep-tubo-viaggio_SM

    Crema da viaggio

  • 07_afterShaveVetro_SM

    Emulsione Dopobarba vetro

  • Acido Ialuronico_SM

    Acido Ialuronico

  • Prep Derm Oil_web

    Prep Derm Oil

  • crema prep for ladies

    Prep for Ladies

  • dermo_prottetiva_barattolo

    Dermoprotective Cream

  • Olio Solare Dermoprotettivo Prep Protezione 6

    Tanning Oil

  • Latte Solare Dermoprotettivo Protezione 30

    Sun Milk SPF 30

  • Doposole Rinfrescante Dermoprotettivo Prep

    After Sun Spray

  • solare

    Sun Milk SPF 15

  • latte

    Sun Milk SPF 20

  • protez 50_SM

    Sun Cream SPF 50

  • da modificare

    Repairin Hand Cream

  • Deodorante-new

    Deodorant Cream

  • da modificare

    Concentrated Hand Cream

  • aftershave_pelli_sensibili-sm

    Sensitive Skin Aftershave Treatment

  • da modificare

    Dermoprotective Shaving Foam

  • da modificare

    Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam

  • dopobarba_2

    Extra Fresh Aftershave Balm

Prep hasn’t needed extensive advertising promotion. It was born from a «brotherhood of arms» and thanks to the word-of-mouth passed from friend to friend it has spread over Italy and the world to become the remedy for all forms of irritation. Look at our photo archive.
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